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The story of cryptography is the story of history itself. Through the times wars have been won and lost, treason plots uncovered and secure communications enabled by the use of secret coding and decoding techniques.

Ever since I was a boy, I have always been fascinated by secret cipher and coding techniques.

This site is for like-minded people who like solving puzzles and codes for fun. If this includes you then read on. Sometimes, we add a little extra spice by giving prizes to the code-cracking winner. Some puzzles will be solved quickly and some, which are a little harder, will take some time. In which case, we will gradually release clues under the “News & Clues” section. The News includes the publication of all solutions, comments and tips from the winners and any News items about this site.

>> WANT TO WIN £100? - then solve the Prize Code Breaker challenge here

The current challenge has an associated prize of £100 for the first correct solution. Click on the link above, complete the form and you will be presented with the code. Either save it on your computer with a right click or copy and paste it into your word processor. If you should solve the code, then copy and paste the solution into the claim form on the site and complete the details for receiving the payment.

The picture above shows a small section of this prize code, click on the heading to download the complete code. To get you started, I have given away the first two ciphers. You can read a full description of the Vigenere Cipher by following the links under Code Cracking.

>> Easy Example Here

If you would like to start with something easier then an example of a substitution cipher is given in the intriguing letter found in the above link. In this case, you have to correctly locate your cousin Jim’s belongings. So have a go now.

Recently, Simon Singh rekindled massive interest in this subject with his excellent book and television series: “The Code Book”. The book describes the history of codes and code breaking with an outline of all the techniques that have been devised by geniuses through time. Cipher mania was further fueled with the publication at the back of his book with a Cipher Challenge for £10,000 which was cracked by a Swedish team a year later.

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Most of the puzzles on this site can be solved with code cracking techniques described in the “Code Book”. But beware; I reserve the right to occasionally make up my own techniques!

>> Enter the current Prize Code Breaking challenge here.

Further cracking web resources can also be found under the Code Cracking Section. Including some redirects to excellent Java applets for automatically encoding and decoding ciphers.

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